Weetwood Moor

Map of Northumberland showing proximity of Weetwood Moor to Wooler

There are some 30 panels of carved outcrop on Weetwood Moor with an array of elaborate, circular designs. There is a high proportion of penannulars (i.e. gapped rings) in the rock art of Weetwood Moor. Whilst on the moor, you can also visit a reinstated cairn, part of which was excavated by Stan Beckensall in 1982. Thirty-eight carved cobbles were recovered from the mound; more than from any other excavated mound in Northumberland. A carved kerbed stone boulder marks the location of the cairn. Weetwood Moor was not always covered with trees and bushes.

Please note that the owner of the land has now [January 2013] advised that access to this land, as private property, may no longer be possible without his specific permission and hence you may not be able to visit these sites.